Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | December 8, 2013

Progressive IT for startup, small, and medium business.

Many businesses today are starting up, expanding, or have just gotten off the ground. IT is a key factor in almost every business today. Whether you have only yourself employed and use a single computer, or anywhere from two to ten employees, or more, Information Technology is used. Collaboration, cloud computing, mobile software, websites, networks, graphic design… Where do you spend your money?

The answer is simple. Not on high priced software. Windows server 2012r2 on average will cost you up to $500.00for a single license, up to $6000.00 for a single system. That’s substantially more than windows server 2008.

So what the heck do you do? $6000.00 might even be anywhere from half to well above your startup budget.

A new company called ZenTech has an answer. Sustainable, scalable, secure solutions which include a hybrid (public and private) cloud solution, a secure, virus free custom Linux infrastructure, and minimal IT costs. With ZenTechs solution, you buy one piece of server hardware, and they’ll make it operate like you have eight! Through a process called virtualization, they’ll make one server unit act like much more. Combine that with security, no viruses, a private cloud, and to top it off remote management…

Your cost for an IT infrastructure that will grow with your business… Priceless! The best time to start your small business with a scalable, secure, sustainable IT system is right away!

You can visit them online at ZenTech

I should also mention, these guys know how to treat a customer!


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