Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | October 11, 2013

Musical gripe…

Ok, it’s been quite some time since I last bloggededed… But, I’ve found something new to say.

I’ve been listening to the radio at work, like a lot of us do, today, three songs in a row came on that started with the singers names. This has been a trend for some time now. A horrible trend. When I was growing up, shameless self promotion like that was frowned upon.


Kings of Leon recently played above Times Square in New York. In front of millions. They have never sung their name ONCE. Whether you like them or not, you still know them. Acdc, def leppard, Kelly clarkson, and many more… Many many more, don’t need to sing their names. Even maroon 5 doesn’t sing their name.

It can only boil down to one thing, and one thing alone. Those who sing their names, have far less talent, and music so forgettable that they need to remind their audience who they are. Period.

Sorry, it’s true. If you have to ask yourself who sung that song, it’s a bad song. Generically written, poorly performed.

Even drake, the three chord rapper, (he’s very monotone) doesn’t sing or rap his name. But everybody knows him. He’s got amazing talent!

So, singers, performers… Stop singing your names. It ruins the song! It does nothing for your already fading image, and most certainly does not help people like your stuff better. So STOP IT!


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