Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | July 9, 2013

All bottled up…

Ok, this occurred to me the other day while chatting with a friend at my wife’s birthday party… We happened to be very active and she had thought ahead and brought water for everyone. So as I was drinking she gave me a little nugget for thought. Water these days, when you purchase it in single bottles usually for between one or two dollars, is more expensive than gas for your car!!! what the hell? I should have purchased stocked in Evian, Fiji water etc a long time ago.

Think about this, out of a vending machine, or at your local corner store, a single bottle of water, usually 710ml or less will cost you between $1.50 and $2
710ml. That’s 210ml LESS than 1L.
The average price of gas lately is approx $1.40/L you end up paying more to get less water!!! WATER!! Something that should be FREE to us all!

Here in Vancouver, we have some world class tap water. Some of the cleanest tap water in the world because we have one of the best filtration systems in the world. I saw a truck, from the city of Vancouver while I was walking my dog one morning. On the tailgate it had a very nice graphic depicting a splash of water, and the quote was “Tap water…. DRINK IT!”

I couldn’t agree more! I will never but another bottle of water again!

Just think, let’s average out the price of water to $1.50. If you buy one bottle per work day, that’s an average of $7.50/ week or $30/month. In a year… $360. (Based on the 4 week month to paint an illustration, actual numbers will differ, but not much )

Think about how many bottles you keep out of a land fill by bringing your own water bottle instead?

Save money, save the environment, bring your own water!!!


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