Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | March 16, 2013

Bell, The Beat, and the Beating

Kid Carson, recently left the beat for Sonic. It was a real heartfelt parting with the beat as he considers Nira and Amy to be close kin. His reasons for leaving were merely personal growth, as he outlines in his VLOG press release. 

The Beat, owned by Bell, has stopped the video of Kid’s transition to Sonic from airing, boldly claiming that if it airs, Bell will sue Kid. This is even after Kid has submitted the tape to both The Beat, and Bell for review before airing. Bell still says NO. Bell knows that Kid Carson is one of the biggest names in Local radio and has quite the lengthy list of followers, including myself! So losing Kid to Sonic, instantly hurt The Beats listener base, and increased Sonics. 

Kids reason for the transfer, he needed room to grow, to develop a show the way he wanted to take it. Bell said No, Sonic said Yes!

After Kids “Transfer of Residence”, I still listened to The Beat’s morning show, however with the three ladies hosting, it quickly became Baby Banter. (No offense, and congratulations!) however, it lost me, as I’m sure it lost others too. Kid has become a permanent fixture on my radio station in the morning on my way to work, and Bell has lost all of my respect as a company.

Now, I know that some of you must be saying “Kid must have had content offensive to Bell, and The Beat, in that episode for them to take such measures.”

Not necessarily. As I stated before, Kid even submitted a copy of it, before airing it, to clear the air! (no pun intended) Bell was just being competitive, and petty. If they wanted to show that they’re the bigger better company, they should have let it air.

Personal Note to Kid: You rock man, keep doing what you’re doing!


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