Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | March 3, 2013

Harlem shake? Or hidden racism?

Harlem reacts to the new form of the harlem shake being done by all the little harlem wannabes…

They’re talking about videos like this…

And this

And this

THIS is the REAL Harlem shake… And how I do it.

Doesn’t look anything like what the kids are doing, does it?

The question is, who started this mockery which turned into a fad of horrible flash dancers… And what was the intention behind it? Yeah, I’m going there… Is it “hidden racism” where the kids don’t know any better and they’re completely ignorant to blatant disrespect? Or is it innocent fun?

You’ll find both views. Even in today’s world there’s still intolerance towards other cultures. Sometimes it’s in your face, sometimes it’s swept under the rug and only whispered behind backs.

Not one of those in the first video took it as racist… And fundamentally I think the majority of these kids are just being kids. But whether its about race, tolerance, or just simply fun… If the world taught, and wouldn’t stand for anything less than respect, the world would be a little better place !

Ps. Kiddies… I posted a how to video!!! Learn it!!!


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