Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | February 2, 2013

What’s with our food prices?

So, as my wife and I were out grocery shopping this afternoon we visited a few different markets and I took note of some of the price variance in the food. For example, in pricesmart, a whole chicken is approximately $30, but in choices, it’s nearly 60. The difference is that choices chicken is all natural, free range, grain fed, no filler no pesticide, no bad stuff… So WHY is it double the price of the chicken who’s breasts are so full of chemicals that it will give you breast cancer? This is odd to me. Why is it that seemingly only the rich can afford to eat healthy foods? Are we at the center of some big conspiracy to kill off our poor? Maybe not, but why is it that all the foods that are the worst for us are the most affordable? There’s two bad cycles happening.

The first cycle:
Mass production of food requires harmful chemicals. We eat these chemicals. We get sick ( allergies, cancers, etc) We use ( some of us abuse ) health care, funded by our taxes…

The second cycle is a little more subtle.
Food production companies pay advertising companies. Advertising companies make ads and drive media. Media promotes the latest trend, health drink, power bar, and also… The latest snack food, ups and downs of this food or that food… Studies done show eggs are bad for your cholesterol… But they don’t finish that sentence…

Studies done show eggs are bad for your cholesterol if you eat 4 eggs daily, over consuming the daily dose! Yes, then they’re bad for your cholesterol. You can eat eggs. A few a week, not a few dozen a week.

The only secret to being healthy these days is… Are you ready?

No simple sugars! Refined sugar is poison.
Eat plenty of veggies! Just like your momma told ya!
Remember portion control! It’s key!
Deep fried stuff is bad for you!
Eat out as little as possible!

And one more thing…
Exercise… At least an hour a day!

Surprise! There’s no easy fix, no magic pill that targets a specific area on your body, no magic powder…

Get off the McDonald’s, get off the couch, eat right! And exercise!

As Arnold Schwarzenegger says: Do Eet Now!



  1. Nice to know that the US is not the only country with food pricing problems!

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