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Progressive IT for startup, small, and medium business.

Many businesses today are starting up, expanding, or have just gotten off the ground. IT is a key factor in almost every business today. Whether you have only yourself employed and use a single computer, or anywhere from two to ten employees, or more, Information Technology is used. Collaboration, cloud computing, mobile software, websites, networks, graphic design… Where do you spend your money?

The answer is simple. Not on high priced software. Windows server 2012r2 on average will cost you up to $500.00for a single license, up to $6000.00 for a single system. That’s substantially more than windows server 2008.

So what the heck do you do? $6000.00 might even be anywhere from half to well above your startup budget.

A new company called ZenTech has an answer. Sustainable, scalable, secure solutions which include a hybrid (public and private) cloud solution, a secure, virus free custom Linux infrastructure, and minimal IT costs. With ZenTechs solution, you buy one piece of server hardware, and they’ll make it operate like you have eight! Through a process called virtualization, they’ll make one server unit act like much more. Combine that with security, no viruses, a private cloud, and to top it off remote management…

Your cost for an IT infrastructure that will grow with your business… Priceless! The best time to start your small business with a scalable, secure, sustainable IT system is right away!

You can visit them online at ZenTech

I should also mention, these guys know how to treat a customer!

Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | October 11, 2013

Musical gripe…

Ok, it’s been quite some time since I last bloggededed… But, I’ve found something new to say.

I’ve been listening to the radio at work, like a lot of us do, today, three songs in a row came on that started with the singers names. This has been a trend for some time now. A horrible trend. When I was growing up, shameless self promotion like that was frowned upon.


Kings of Leon recently played above Times Square in New York. In front of millions. They have never sung their name ONCE. Whether you like them or not, you still know them. Acdc, def leppard, Kelly clarkson, and many more… Many many more, don’t need to sing their names. Even maroon 5 doesn’t sing their name.

It can only boil down to one thing, and one thing alone. Those who sing their names, have far less talent, and music so forgettable that they need to remind their audience who they are. Period.

Sorry, it’s true. If you have to ask yourself who sung that song, it’s a bad song. Generically written, poorly performed.

Even drake, the three chord rapper, (he’s very monotone) doesn’t sing or rap his name. But everybody knows him. He’s got amazing talent!

So, singers, performers… Stop singing your names. It ruins the song! It does nothing for your already fading image, and most certainly does not help people like your stuff better. So STOP IT!

Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | July 9, 2013

All bottled up…

Ok, this occurred to me the other day while chatting with a friend at my wife’s birthday party… We happened to be very active and she had thought ahead and brought water for everyone. So as I was drinking she gave me a little nugget for thought. Water these days, when you purchase it in single bottles usually for between one or two dollars, is more expensive than gas for your car!!! what the hell? I should have purchased stocked in Evian, Fiji water etc a long time ago.

Think about this, out of a vending machine, or at your local corner store, a single bottle of water, usually 710ml or less will cost you between $1.50 and $2
710ml. That’s 210ml LESS than 1L.
The average price of gas lately is approx $1.40/L you end up paying more to get less water!!! WATER!! Something that should be FREE to us all!

Here in Vancouver, we have some world class tap water. Some of the cleanest tap water in the world because we have one of the best filtration systems in the world. I saw a truck, from the city of Vancouver while I was walking my dog one morning. On the tailgate it had a very nice graphic depicting a splash of water, and the quote was “Tap water…. DRINK IT!”

I couldn’t agree more! I will never but another bottle of water again!

Just think, let’s average out the price of water to $1.50. If you buy one bottle per work day, that’s an average of $7.50/ week or $30/month. In a year… $360. (Based on the 4 week month to paint an illustration, actual numbers will differ, but not much )

Think about how many bottles you keep out of a land fill by bringing your own water bottle instead?

Save money, save the environment, bring your own water!!!

Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | March 16, 2013

Bell, The Beat, and the Beating

Kid Carson, recently left the beat for Sonic. It was a real heartfelt parting with the beat as he considers Nira and Amy to be close kin. His reasons for leaving were merely personal growth, as he outlines in his VLOG press release. 

The Beat, owned by Bell, has stopped the video of Kid’s transition to Sonic from airing, boldly claiming that if it airs, Bell will sue Kid. This is even after Kid has submitted the tape to both The Beat, and Bell for review before airing. Bell still says NO. Bell knows that Kid Carson is one of the biggest names in Local radio and has quite the lengthy list of followers, including myself! So losing Kid to Sonic, instantly hurt The Beats listener base, and increased Sonics. 

Kids reason for the transfer, he needed room to grow, to develop a show the way he wanted to take it. Bell said No, Sonic said Yes!

After Kids “Transfer of Residence”, I still listened to The Beat’s morning show, however with the three ladies hosting, it quickly became Baby Banter. (No offense, and congratulations!) however, it lost me, as I’m sure it lost others too. Kid has become a permanent fixture on my radio station in the morning on my way to work, and Bell has lost all of my respect as a company.

Now, I know that some of you must be saying “Kid must have had content offensive to Bell, and The Beat, in that episode for them to take such measures.”

Not necessarily. As I stated before, Kid even submitted a copy of it, before airing it, to clear the air! (no pun intended) Bell was just being competitive, and petty. If they wanted to show that they’re the bigger better company, they should have let it air.

Personal Note to Kid: You rock man, keep doing what you’re doing!

Posted by: Spiff The Ninja | March 3, 2013

Harlem shake? Or hidden racism?

Harlem reacts to the new form of the harlem shake being done by all the little harlem wannabes…

They’re talking about videos like this…

And this

And this

THIS is the REAL Harlem shake… And how I do it.

Doesn’t look anything like what the kids are doing, does it?

The question is, who started this mockery which turned into a fad of horrible flash dancers… And what was the intention behind it? Yeah, I’m going there… Is it “hidden racism” where the kids don’t know any better and they’re completely ignorant to blatant disrespect? Or is it innocent fun?

You’ll find both views. Even in today’s world there’s still intolerance towards other cultures. Sometimes it’s in your face, sometimes it’s swept under the rug and only whispered behind backs.

Not one of those in the first video took it as racist… And fundamentally I think the majority of these kids are just being kids. But whether its about race, tolerance, or just simply fun… If the world taught, and wouldn’t stand for anything less than respect, the world would be a little better place !

Ps. Kiddies… I posted a how to video!!! Learn it!!!

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Canucks vs predators

In what could possibly be called the slowest yet most comical game of the season, the predators are definitely showing why Americans shouldn’t play hockey. Resembling Bambi on ice, the predators stumble around as though ice is a new concept. To top it off, their uniforms, wow! Such stunning colors! Baby-shit-yellow and navy. Wait, isn’t that the same colors as the bad news bears? Rinna played well in net, and Luongo may well be be the star of the game, as well as the Canucks backbone the first two periods with Nashville more than tripling shots on goal in the first period, yet into the third, the score remained 0-0. Nine minutes into the 3rd period, the Canucks put one in. This is where the game picked up speed and aggression with heavy hits, faster plays, and even the loss of a helmet (without a fight!) leading them to a win in Nashville!

Go Canucks go!!!

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To balance or not to balance?

I know, it’s been a while since my last blog and all 12 of my faithful followers have missed me. ( ok, so there’s only one of you actually following .)

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about balance. “Achieve better balance” is one banks motto, eat a balanced diet, balance your workout routine, balance your lifestyle, balance your work/home life balance balance balance…

How can we achieve this balance, when the economy, the government, and the media… all seem to work counter actively towards this balance? Food that’s good for you is lore expensive. Education that will get you a job that will pay a wage so you can eat the good food, puts you so far in debt it takes you 15-20 years to pay off, before you can eat the good food. Some people out there, can’t actually afford the education because of work and children. The cost of child care is rising, and student loans are dwindling, and grants? A thousand bucks? Thanks for one month of living. There’s no balance there. There’s a great division happening between the haves and the have-nots. The majority of people I know can’t even afford to contribute to an rrsp. So I know they’re not planning on retiring. Or maybe they are but they know they can’t afford it. It’s bad when a dual income only allows you to meet your minimum credit card payments. I took my friend out to dinner, and payed with my debit card. He returned the favor by treating me… The difference was, he put less than $20 on a credit card. I know I would have been in that same state too, if not worse if I hadn’t been blessed with family who was smart with their money. Lesson learned.
(I’m not trying to root my horn here, there’s been times when I got paid and bills have left me with enough to buy KD for the week… So I know where he’s at because I’ve been there)

Personally, I don’t think there can be balance. What I think needs to be achieved on a personal level is strength. The strength not to spend what we don’t have, the strength to stick to a plan, the strength to do what we have to do.

We also need to achieve harmony. For those of you who think peace an harmony are the same, they’re not. Peace is kin to being cordial to someone you don’t like. Harmony is the ability to work with that person to achieve a goal. We must achieve harmony in ourselves with our environment, our relationships, our lives, and habits.

When strength and harmony are achieved, this balance that everyone promotes to lure you into their yoga, martial arts classes or banks… Is a natural byproduct.

Be strong. Eat as well as you can. Give up simple sugars. Be kind to everyone!

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The other side of RHOV

I love this how for a few reasons… The first is how gorgeous they make our beautiful city of Vancouver look! I love it! From the landscapes to the buildings, the cafe’s, all of it. Vancouver is one of the worlds most gorgeous cities!

The other reason I love this show is that is basically a manual. Yes a manual. If you don’t want to bully people, don’t behave like the majority of these women.

I’ll start with Reiko, from the 2012 season. She stayed away from all the bullying and drama. I admire her. She wasn’t afraid to tell her friends they were in the wrong, stood up for what she believed in, and called people out on their crap. Well done!

The rest of the crew who moved on to the 2013 season, with the exception of the newest members (Iulia, Amanda, and Robin ) seem to be a melting pot for drama. Although I must give both my condolences and congratulations to Ronnie, who’s quit drinking and been sober for four months now. ( probably longer taking into consideration the time in which the episode was filmed until the date it aired). Sobriety is a big, and very worthwhile step! Congratulations. I’m also sad and very happy to hear that the near loss of your daughter Remmy has turned out so well for you all! I think that Ronnie’s life has been touched in a way that will leave lasting changes. Also Ronnie’s desire to help others, I hope will remain a driving force in her life.

As for Jody, I haven’t been behind the scenes, but the how has portrayed her to be one of the nastiest pieces of work out there. Very rarely forgiving, always with a snide remark, and incredibly rude bully. Jody… You need God!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings! Undoubtedly more drama, more gorgeous scenery, and more bullying. I can’t wait for the day ( that may never come ) when these ladies of power decide to join forces and accomplish something truly amazing!

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Canucks Vs. Oilers in Edmonton

It was quite the game last night in Edmonton as the Oilers lead for most of the game.Their first goal scored on a power play at 18:38 into the first period, by Hemsky, assisted by Yakupov and Gagner. The Canucks gave up the second goal of the game scored at 8:08 into the second period, by Smith with Lander, while the Oilers were shorthanded on a Canucks power play!

However, the game was not over, and the Canucks proved it! A mere four minutes later J.Hansen snapped one past Dubnyk, assisted by Shroeder and Higgins. Then with less than three minutes left in the final period, Bieksa slaps the Canucks second goal home, assisted by Raymond and Hansen, sending the game into overtime. With 20 seconds left in OT, Chris Tanev scores his first goal of the season assisted by the Sedin Twins, making it 3-0 Canucks.

Way to go guys! GO CANUCKS GO!
Congratulations to Chris Tanev!

On ward and hopefully upward as the Canucks head out to play the Minnesota Wild.
The game starts at 5:00pm PST, Feb. 7th.

TED headed to Vancouver in 2014, TEDActive hitting the slopes of Whistler.


Ladies and Gentlemen, for all of you who are interested in the ted talks, and maybe watch or listen in on netflix or your mobile devices, or even your home PC’s… TED is coming to VANCOUVER!

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